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300 Click for offerOther initiatives — like Exercise in Medicine by the American College of Sports Medicine — encourage doctors to prescribe exercise as a part of treatment.

Researchers are also interested in recoding life because it opens up the opportunity to make molecules with entirely new kinds of chemistry.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKESigns abound that the American public is ready for a serious discussion about our energy options. But how to discuss the subject? For that we should look not just to states like Colorado but, interestingly enough, also to a state under complete Republican control: South Carolina.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTY• Carlos Santana and Mumford & Sons closed out BottleRock in Napa. The festival is a more relaxed alternative to some of the state’s desert megafests, known as much for its food and drink as its performances, fans say. [The Press Democrat]

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SHOULD WIN: Daniel Fish, “Oklahoma!”

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Both parties declined to comment further on the plans for a show or stores, but the inclusion of a website — fenty.com — in the statement suggested that the focus, for the beginning at least, would be digital, yet another departure for a group that practically invented the concept of the flagship as brand temple.

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Injecting the bone marrow or platelet extracts into the knee takes skill, even with X-rays to guide the needle. The injections can cause pain and irritation, and patients are usually sent home with leg braces that they will wear for a few weeks.

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For over a decade, the actress/comedian Colleen Ballinger has entertained millions of fans via her YouTube channels and live tours, playing the character “Miranda Sings,” a fame-chasing vlogger with a grating voice and smeared makeup. The special “Miranda Sings Live… Your Welcome” (misspelling intentional) documents one of those concerts. It features Miranda’s typically twisted self-help tips and terrible show tunes, along with some furious pushback at her many “haters.” It’s also a distillation of nearly everything Ballinger has done over the years to parody a particular strain of online narcissism.

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